Lets sit back and see what happens now. We have got Obama for four more years. Accept it. Now lets get together. Start by stopping the waste in the welfare system. How many people do you know that collect a check?  There are deserving people out there who anyone living in normal society has seen.  Alot of people I know, and you know too live week to week. It doesnt take long if you lose your job to get in financial dire straits, fast. Stop the obstruction in our government, and stop the greed. Share the wealth from the top or us little people get nothing . Trickle down economics do not work! I have personally been a person in the transportation industry since 1982. I have worked through many economies an went from rags to riches to rags again in a 20 year span. The most prosperous time for me was the Clinton years. I went from a company driver to owning a corporation, small as it might have been. And a working farm in Iowa. September 11, 2001 began the downfall.  4 years of Bush and we were selling out. I personally did well in his weighning years but, it was just a matter of being in the right industry.  Back to my point. Obama is not gonna regain his losses completely. He cannot pay off the Bush debt. Me being a Texas resident now this is certainly not politically correct, but it’s the truth. Let the man work.

 One more thing.     Colorado